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I.M. Injured 2 Apr 2021

Injured is an issue at Good Friday. Life in the nature of this world may be cruel. I am cruel by times. I want the things my way. The life of Jesus ended severely injured.


As usual in this world, Jesus was punished because He was a threat, a threat to the Jewish authorities. It is the same with me, when I am threatened I become violent. When I am wounded I am extremely touchy.
Not Jesus. He took His punishment. God showed that He is more than the brokenness of this world.

Resurrection Faith

The church gives testimony of the resurrection of Jesus. Why should I believe it? Without a future beyond injury and pain life is meaningless. When there is no hope for a better future, I am lost. It is with hope and faith that I can choose to follow the example of Jesus. While doing good I am willing to get injured. By my own faults and by the 'punishment' by others. I am willing to be patient with all people God brings on my path.


Jesus, teach me courage to take the risk for injury. That is to live a meaningful life.

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