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Welcome to the Future 7 Apr 2020

This morning I saw a nice painting on the wall of a building in Eindhoven. Sure enough the future will come, although I need some patience. The future came by times quicker than I had desired. One of the pitfalls of life is postponing things that can be done today.


Unfortunately we are in a "Corona" crisis. Almost worldwide there is a lockdown because of the pandemic. Many future plans are on hold. I am somewhat unsettled. Actually it is time for reflection and creativity. It is simply not easy. No crisis is easy.

Song of Songs

I am preparing to write on the bible's book titled: "Song of Songs". It is a poetry with imagery about love, desire and even lust. So be prepared for the future of my writings! Please feel free to share my daily messages.

Images of Eindhoven

Eindhoven welcomes the future.

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