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Song of Solomon: Jedidiah 8 Apr 2020

"Solomon's Song of Songs" is the first line of the bible book "Song of Songs".

Solomon's birth

2Sa 12:24 David consoled his wife Bathsheba (wk: after the death of a son.)
He went to her and slept with her.
She conceived and gave birth to a son,
whom she called Solomon.
Yahweh loved him
2Sa 12:25 and made this known by means of the prophet Nathan,
who named him Jedidiah, as Yahweh had instructed.

Jedidiah means: the beloveth of the Lord.


Song of Songs or Song of Solomon is a love song. It tells the story of two lovers. It is like a play, a game. Both are attracted by one-another.

Am I in love with God? Do I yearn for God? Does God yearn for me?
I need to play the game of attraction! I need to show to God things which are attractive for God. My beauty, my generosity, my love for my brothers and sisters.
May the Song of Solomon be a teacher to me in my love life with God.

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