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Song of Solomon: Ready? 23 Apr 2020

Sol 3:5

I charge you, daughters of Jerusalem,
by gazelles and wild does,
do not rouse,
do not wake my beloved before she pleases.


It is the second time this refrain is used. How should I know when a sleeping person likes to wake up? Perhaps there are other lovers. The lover has already been compared to a gazelle. Why should the daughters of Jerusalem be the ones to wake up the beloved?


How could this verse relate to the 'people of God'? Do we need to be waked up by Jews? Are we ready for that?

Being honest, I only see few and relatively small communities, who are really committed to do the will of God. Easily we have our own thoughts and plans. Often we have little idea what can be done. We need fresh dreams and desires coming from the Holy Spirit.

Personally I feel that the Christian church and community has a long way to go. and /vectors/wild-loud-moose-animal-antlers-47516


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