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Song of Solomon: Nightmare? 22 Apr 2020

Perhaps the beloved had a nightmare the night before her wedding. Sometimes I can not believe my good fortune and I may dream that it all is not reality. When I wake up, everything is fine.

Sol 3:1-4

1 On my bed at night
I sought the man who is my sweetheart:
I sought but could not find him!
2 So I shall get up and go through the city;
in the streets and in the squares,
I shall seek my sweetheart.
I sought but could not find him!
3 I came upon the watchmen
-- those who go on their rounds in the city:
'Have you seen my sweetheart?'
4 Barely had I passed them
when I found my sweetheart.
I caught him, would not let him go,
not till I had brought him to my mother's house,
to the room where she conceived me! and wedding-dresses-bride-wedding-1486005

Beloved in the Night

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