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Song of Solomon: Nations 11 Apr 2020

Sol 1:5-6
I am black but lovely, daughters of Jerusalem,
like the tents of Kedar, like the pavilions of Salmah.
6 Take no notice of my dark colouring,
it is the sun that has burnt me.
My mother's sons turned their anger on me,
they made me look after the vineyards.
My own vineyard I had not looked after!


"Daughters of Jerusalem", look to my complexion! Solomon did not marry first to Jewish women. He married brides from all the nations. Jesus was first accepted by the nations, but then finally - at the end of times - the most beloved (Israel) will accept him.

My own Vineyard

When I like to be the beloveth, I shall care for my own wineyard. Not just the vineyard that the world requires me to care for. I shall bear fruit for my lover. I shall care for what pleases my lover.

The Final Bride

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