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My Dream 4 Apr 2020

"You talk about dreams. What are your dreams?", I was asked. Therefore here a brief answer:

Ultimate Dream

Living in the Kingdom of God. If possible, in this life already. Jesus says: "It is near."

Bigger Dreams.

  1. Being part of a dynamic team where people work, co-operate and discuss on a project with a growing effectiveness. (spreading towards others who can benefit)
  2. Living in a place where I do not have to worry (alone) and where I can use my talents for the well being of the community.
  3. Being part of an evangelizing community where persons are actively supported in learning to live a meaningful life.
  4. To live in such a freedom that I frequently choose for the good of others.

Smaller Dreams.

  1. To have a servant who cleans my mess.
  2. To live in a warmer country a more simple life.
  3. To grow in friendship with more persons.
  4. A clean desk.
  5. To publish a book.
  6. To compose songs.

Nothing is Impossible

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