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Life (3.0) 6 Apr 2020

One of my bad habits is reading books. During the past week I read "Life 3.0" written by Max Tegmark. Scientists expect that over time (perhaps 100 years) computers may become smarter than humans. The scientists who are interested in Artificial Intelligence, prepare themselves how to let this process happen with wisdom and for the well-being of mankind. The book raises many wise questions and calls for a new interest in Philosophy. A few thoughts from the book!

Scientists Contemplate Future

What will human life be in the era of Artificial Intelligence? Therefore we first need to survive the chaos mankind creates on this earth. That is one of the minus points of this book. The computer experts hardly consider if we can survive the first coming hundred years.

Intelligence Defined

According to Max Tegmark: "Intelligent behaviour is closely related to the ability to realize chosen targets (purposes.)" All sources of wisdom say similar things: Knowing something is only complete if we can apply the knowledge in practice.

Change of Direction

Irwin Corey observes: "If we do not change quickly our direction, finally we will arrive at the place that we are heading to." Christian life tells that I need conversion. And I do need such!

Well Being

(In the future) For humans various thing are required to feel well/healthy:
1. A social network of friends and colleagues.
2. A healthy and orderly lifestyle.
3. Self respect; a pleasant conscientiousness of doing a few things that you can really do well.
4. A sense of being needed and that what you do makes a difference.
5. The experience of being meaningful in participating in something bigger than yourself.
It almost sounds like a religion.


Rome's Amphitheater where life became a game.

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