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Song of Solomon: Hidden Face 18 Apr 2020

Who does not like to see the face of God and hear the voice of God? The beloved (people of God) requests God to show who He is. Not to hide himself. We believe that his character is beautiful. We like to hear his love voiced out. And we invite Him to do so.

Sol 2:14

'My dove,
hiding in the clefts of the rock,
in the coverts of the cliff,
show me your face,
let me hear your voice;
for your voice is sweet
and your face is lovely.'

Community Face

I believe that unity in the community is the reflection of the face of God. So to see His face in my community, I ask God to remove all that hinders our mutual love. I am however the only one who can act. I should not remain aside with a hidden emotionless face.

expressionless face

Hidden Face

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