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Song of Solomon: Hearing 16 Apr 2020

The lover (God) makes his voice heard. The beloved (the people of God) recognize his voice.

Discerning His Voice

If God loves me, I desire to hear his loving voice. In my life, I have heard often the inner voice of the lover saying: " William, I love you." I have asked God the Father often: "Please teach me how to love you." And the lover par excellence did respond.

Sol 2:8-10a BELOVED:

I hear my love.
See how he comes leaping on the mountains,
bounding over the hills.
9 My love is like a gazelle,
like a young stag.
See where he stands behind our wall.
He looks in at the window,
he peers through the opening.
10 My love lifts up his voice ...


A voice from the hills

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