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Eternal & Science 3 Apr 2020

It is already long known that science can not prove that God does not exist.
Science also believes in a "big bang", where the universe came into existence from the nothing. Very similar to a creation by a God.
Modern scientists also believes that a life after death is "physically" possible. (Hans Moravic, Mind Children; Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark page 233)

My Eternal Life

Please imagine:
I am dead. I am no more living in a body. I remember all the silly and unkind things I have done in my life. The centuries pass by. All my bad memories remain. Yes there are as well a few good things I remember about my earthly life. Unfortunately the bad memories linger and rob me from joy. I can no more undo what I did.


I like a good eternal life. And I like a good life now as well. I want to settle all hate, all pain, all enmity.

It is hard to do this alone. I lack accurate memory (my eternal version may be more accurate), I lack courage, I lack wisdom. I admit that I am a sinner and that I like help from a Redeemer with more wisdom than I. I entrust my problem to God and I ask Him to help me to sort out my mess and my dirt. Please God have patience with me, and do it little by little. I am willing, even if it hurts. I beg for healing before my eternal life begins.

a life line

Healing Memories

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