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Song of Solomon: Equality 20 Apr 2020

Sol 2:16

16 My love is mine and I am his.
He pastures his flock among the lilies.

God is 'Ours'

With as interpretation: God as Lover and the 'People of God' the Beloved, the simple bible verse becomes complicated. It begins to sound as: 'God is mine or ours'. The beloved is lifted up to equality with the lover. Not all husbands are so kind.

Pasturing among the Lilies

God comes down to us. His flock is pastured in a beautiful environment. In the old testament God spoke through prophets. In the new testament Jesus came down to earth, to adapt his level towards us.

And Still ...

The 'community called together by God' has a powerful lover. That should make us strong in actions. We are called to reflect the image of our lover. We share almost in his divine nature. The light should not be hidden.

field with flowers, a stairs and a a seesaw

Among the flowers. Equality

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