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Song of Solomon: Comparison 13 Apr 2020

Comparing persons is a dangerous thing. I asked Millet: "Do you like to be compared to a horse?" She did not like it. The lover compares the beloved even to a harnessed chariot horse. The reason is that the lover likes to see the beloved with lots of jewelry.

Fragrant Sacrifices

The beloved responds with images of nice smells. Those express her love.

What sacrifice should the people of God bring to their lover? Adoration and works of mercy come to my mind. Sacrifice can never replace obedience.

Sol 1:9-14
I compare you, my love, to my mare harnessed to Pharaoh's chariot.
10 Your cheeks show fair between their pendants and your neck within its necklaces.
11 We shall make you golden earrings and beads of silver.
12 DUO:
While the king rests in his own room my nard yields its perfume.
13 My love is a sachet of myrrh lying between my breasts.
14 My love is a cluster of henna flowers among the vines of En-Gedi.


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