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Vessels 22 Apr 2019

Vessels are used over the ages. I think of the wedding of Cana where Jesus turned water into wine. Water is a symbol of the baptism and the Holy Spirit.

9 vessels

Large vessels

Broken Vessels

Broken vessels are useless. They can not hold water. They need repair. Where I can not hold the Holy Spirit, I need repair.


We are loved by God. Only when we are unwilling to give up our sins, the cracks can not be repaired. Eccl 21 Says: My child, have you sinned? Do so no more, and ask forgiveness for your previous faults. Flee from sin as from a snake, if you approach it, it will byte you; its teeth are lion 's teeth, they take human life away. All law-breaking is like a two-edged sword, the wound it inflicts are beyond cure.

Ask the Holy Spirit

Again that two-edged sword reminds me to the Holy Spirit.
Let us ask the Holy Spirit that we may know our faults.
And let us ask Jesus to give us the strength to deal with what the Holy Spirit shows.

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