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Teardrop 26 Apr 2019

Mr. Frits Philips got a little over 100 years old. He was only a little younger than the Philips company. At the time he retired as president of the Philips company, roughly 300000 people were employed by Philips. Presently Philips employs just a 70000 people. And Philips no more produces lamps. So the teardrop in front of the Philips 'Light' tower in Eindhoven perhaps could originate from the late mr. Philips.

Eindhoven picture

The teardrop

Or could it be God's teardrop?

Around 1960 perhaps 90% of the Eindhoven population was church-going. Most may have been catholics. There may have been 180000 church attenders every Sunday. Presently we may have on a Sunday a 1000 mass attenders. Perhaps it is God's teardrop?


The Philips company did a lot of good to Eindhoven. And there are still many-spin off's from Philips (ASML, NXP, Signify, Assemblion.)

Why so few people like to attend church is not easy to understand for me. The most important commandment according to Jesus is: Love God. Thus I am wondering what all those 199000 people in Eindhoven are doing to love God?

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