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Reversed Values 14 Apr 2019


The picture today shows some letterboxes. Above some of the letterboxes is a sticker telling Nee Nee or Nee Ja. Nee and ja are the Dutch words for no and yes. On the letterboxes, they express preferences of people for receiving advertisements and local information. People are different and have varying likings.

Personal Cultural Values

Europeans may value truth above honor and power. In Asia honor and respect may be more important than truth.

Not surprisingly Europeans and Asians may interpret some events different. When my Asian friend is polite to me, I may be offended because he may hold back a truth. When I speak truth to my Asian friend, he may be offended because I forget his honor.


Communication in a community from mixed cultural backgrounds needs extra patience and wisdom. And by times I lack patience and wisdom.

I am thankful for the challenge to live in such a community. I appreciate the patience and kindness of the people with whom I live.


Preferences for receiving advertisements.

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