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Retort 30 Apr 2019

When I am hurt by words or actions of someone else, many things happen in a very short time with me. I will feel pain, I may get frightened, I consider defense or revenge. I may respond as a defense or from anger.

paying back

What happens.

What next?

I may feel better or worse, ashamed or afraid. Usually I will not feel at ease or peaceful with the other person.

Some Possibilities

  1. After hitting the other, I may flee. It is not easy to forget. And the other person as well will not feel better.
  2. I could apologize. It is however not easy to do so instantly. Neither is it easy to receive the apology immediate. For smaller issues this is a realistic and good option.
  3. I may say sorry and ask if we can cool down a few moments and talk about the issues.
  4. I may return to my opponent later and try to settle.
  5. Asking God forgiveness. We can always ask. But if we do not settle with our opponent (where possible) then I may not be able to accept or receive God's forgiveness.
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