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Promise 3 Apr 2019

God made a promise to David. And see how he responded.

2 Sam7:22-25

In this is your greatness, Lord Yahweh;
there is none like you, no God but you alone,
as our own ears have heard.
Is there another people on the earth like your people Israel,
with a God setting out to redeem them and make them his people,
make them renowned, work great and terrible things on their behalf,
drive nations out and gods before his people?
You have constituted your people Israel
to be your own people for ever;
and you, Yahweh, have become their God.
Now, Lord Yahweh,
always keep the promise
you have made your servant and his House,
26 and do as you have said.

double rainbow

Double Rainbow

A new Israel

The church considers herself as a new Israel. Not to replace Israel! The meaning is: A people called together by God.

If God calls us together, He has a purpose for us. He has a promise for us. He has for us the gift of the Holy Spirit.

What gift(s) of the Spirit did you receive from God?

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