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Priming 13 Apr 2019

Would you know what priming is? I did not. Until I read in a book of Daniel Kahneman. You don't know him too? Neither did I. But among my books was a writing of him. Mr. Kahneman is (or was) a scientist who earned the Nobel prize with his research on the working of the mind.

Priming is not about painting, although there are similarities. Priming is about mindset and associations. Priming helps our minds to function quick and usually to the point, accurately. Of course in our humanity there are flaws. When our mind is focused or set in a certain context, we tend to interpret the immediately following events in the context we have been focused to. It is somewhat like advertising. Our mind is set on what we have been presented. And none of us can escape from the effect of priming.

Buckets of paint

Images of paint buckets


Interestingly, this phenomena is also a scientific prove that worship can do something good with us. What we feed our mind with, reflects in our daily actions, whether we like it or not.

When we reflect on Jesus' goodness, this will affect our responses in daily life. And we can not even stop that process.

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