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Lonely 27 Apr 2019

By times I feel lonely. By times Jesus went to a lonely place. A lonely place confronts me with myself. And when I am patient enough, it may confront me with God. A person who never has felt any loneliness is a strange person. Perhaps he is a stranger to himself.

Lonely caught up in

Lonely feelings

Loneliness hurts

When I feel lonely I raise up my defenses. I shut up myself in negative thinking. I my feel self-pity. I may blame others. An attitude which does not help me.

Perhaps many feel lonely

I would not be surprised that in groups of people a significant percentage feels lonely.

- First the deaf and hearing impaired. They can not connect to the normal conversation. They may shy away from group meetings. This group consists of 10% of the population.

- Then the persons with a low self image. They may wonder what the others think about them. This may be another 10%.

- Then the persons who have been disappointed by others and are afraid to be disappointed again. Once more a 10% of all?

- Next the people who have quarreled with some others in the group. And who feel ashamed or afraid to be confronted. Would this make another 10%?

- May be 10% of the group has their thoughts at a different location. They worry about their relationship, their children, their work, their income.

- Many may feel limited in social communication skills.


Unfortunately many others stick in groups where they feel secure and where they like to shut out others who threaten their security.

Is there hope?

There is hope for those who seek, knock and ask.

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