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Intercession 2 Apr 2019


Yesterday I made an observation that intrigued myself. I say it somewhat different today: Intercession appears to aim to reverse decisions that God had already made earlier (in our time).


  • Gen 18: Abraham intercedes for Sodom and Gomorrah when God had already decided to destroy the cities. God did not yield. But He listened to Abraham's intercession.
  • Ex 32, Num 14 and Deut 9: Moses intercedes for Israel. God limited His punishment.
  • John 17: Jesus asks the Father for favors. To equip His followers to make God known. Jesus' intercession/intervention saves us all for the eternal life if we yield to God's ways.

My impression is that intercession is not for silly things. It is about very important matters. And therefor I believe that God calls a number of persons (perhaps prophets) to intercede about changing dead into life. That is the gift of intercession. - freely licensed

Candles may be lit with a prayer.

The gift of Intercession

Actually we are all called to intercede for the world. Some may have a special gift.

Intercession claims back what is lost for God. The purer the heart of the intercessor, the more effect it may have. It may be supported by fasting.

How to learn?

Set your heart on the things of God. I ask the Holy Spirit for help. I would expect that God gives joy in Intercession.

I ask God to give me as well smaller targets to pray for. Prayer intentions that bring the Kingdom of God closer. I like to pray for unity among the believers.

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