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Ink Stain 17 Apr 2019

The time we used ink seems long ago. It is still used in printers and pens. But we hardly see it in the liquid form. Ink easily makes stains. English is not my first language and I thought that Inkscape - being the name of a computer drawing program - relates to stains. Once again I was plainly wrong.

Soul Stains

Some twenty years ago I heard a priest teaching about confession. He claimed that one little sin totally contaminated the full soul. In a way he was right. But for the simple souls like I am, I think he was wrong. One problem is, that I am not even aware of all my sins. Therefore I am unable to confess all my sins to God and to a priest.

Practical Confession

I - personally - believe that God is pleased when I confess all the sins that I am aware of. And that is good enough for a normal confession.

If I realize that there are more sins which I committed, and where I am too ashamed (or proud) to confess it today, I could tell my confessor / priest and ask him to wait with the absolution. I could ask for a follow-up appointment. It is important to start confessing. And for most of us the job never ends.

inkscape drawing

Inkscape drawing

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