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Hard 7 Apr 2019


Walnuts are pretty hard. That reminds me to my own stubbornness. It is not easy to crack my habits. I am hardheaded. Once the walnuts are cracked they become useful for consumption.

Similarly, most of the things I write about, are not easy or simple to realize. I actually would expect questions how those hard issues can be cracked. How can all this be done?

walnuts are hard

Walnuts needs to be cracked

How real is the Holy Spirit?

If the Holy Spirit can not work out in me God's will, does He abandon me?

I must believe that the Spirit is powerful enough to work it out. He can do it. If not, God is lying or I am faked. Sure enough, that is possible. But we have written words of God: the Bible. God has power enough. And He is truth.

Where is the obstacle that hinders God to fulfill His promises?

  1. Am I too fearful or lazy to respond? And the answer is: yes!
  2. Are there sins between me and the Holy Spirit? And the answer is: yes!
  3. Am I really loving my neighbour? And the answer is: very little.

I pray (ask) the Holy Spirit for power:

  1. to avoid my sin; better, to stop my sins wherever I have control. Help me Holy Spirit. I need you. I want you.
  2. to love instead of criticizing others. Please Holy Spirit give me thoughts of generosity, thoughts to bless my neighbour.
  3. to do my work well, so that I am a blessing to my team. So that I do not need to be ashamed about myself.
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