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Halo 5 Apr 2019

The catholic saints are always portrayed with a halo. This morning I went to my dentist in Helmond. I saw this nice halo. I tried to take a selfie from the middle of the halo. No success. I guess I am not holy enough for such a big halo.

Call to holiness

From the time 30 years ago when I had a conversion experience, I feel called to holiness. I can't explain how I got the desire. I assume it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. And I am very thankful for that desire.

Progress in holiness

Little by very little. It feels over 30 years that there is almost no progress. I am not disappointed. And I still feel drawn to holiness. I am willing to lay down my life. And I can hardly do it. I frequently invite the Holy Spirit to work on me.

big halo

A nice halo, too big for me.

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