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Friday 12 Apr 2019

Some days are harder than others. I attempt to work 32 hours weekly. It was my day off. I slept a little longer than the other weekdays. I had a late breakfast with Millet. We struggled with talking. There was enough that each of us wanted to say. There was enough that needed to be said. I had yesterday evening caused trouble in my communication.

Thank God, we did the struggle. We made the effort to listen to one-another. It is the way of life to struggle for things that matter.


I went out for volunteers work in the Parish. There were many people and it was noisy. I talked with one of the elders. He is a nice man full of wisdom. This time he discouraged an idea I was promoting. From the discouragement however, came a strong desire to think different on the idea. And later in the evening I could come up with an improved idea with a little more wisdom.


It is well known that I am not great in talking Chinese. I had promised a friend to repair a drawer of her kitchen. My friends mother - who is Chinese - hosted me. She was so nice. We could only talk through Google translate. The work did not come first, but my second lunch. She would not have treated Jesus better than she treated me.

I struggled however with the drawer. I could not measure and then get it fitted properly. After a 30 minutes struggle and a third lunch I discovered that the drawer above was wrongly positioned and I first had to repair that. Now the drawer fits, but I could not get it adjusted satisfyingly.

Friday struggle


Holy Spirit

I am wondering if struggling might be a gift of the Holy Spirit. And I am inclined to say, YES. Because struggling leads to life!

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