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Family vs. Community 19 Apr 2019

Moon vs. Sun

Yesterday morning the moon was large and very bright. You can see the picture. The moon looks like the sun. The time was however 6:30 am and the location of the moon was west. The sun should be east in the morning. The sun is actually much larger than the moon.

the moon

The moon looks like the sun

Family vs. Community

Millet said: A family is the smallest unit of a community. Thus a community is larger than a family.

You are a member of a family by a blood bond. The bond is unbreakable. You can join a community and you can leave it. Although a community should be about a long term relationship.

If a community gains in weight and importance, a community should have a mission. Something that defines its identity. Something that binds.

A community should emerge, being born among its members.

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