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Evening 21 Apr 2019

It is a beautiful Easter day. Easter is late this year. The temperature reached 25 degrees Celsius. It is just like a summer day. When I came home at 9 p.m. I saw the church in the evening.

church in the evening

A church in the evening

Church in the Evening

Among my colleagues at work the church is not very popular. Some criticize the church. The church which they can see with their human eyes. They do not criticize the God whom they can not see and whom they may know little.

I am not hearing that they do not believe in God. I am not hearing that they like to know about God. I am not hearing interest in an eternal life. To me they appear indifferent.

They like their work, their car, their home, their children.

The love of Christ

I ask God how I can make His love real to my colleagues.

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