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Deebot 8 Apr 2019


Yesterday I got to know Deebot. Deebot speaks Chinese. Therefore she is more smart then I am. But Deebot does not just speak Chinese. She can speak another 10 or 20 languages. But that is still not as smart as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can talk to anyone in his or her own language.

Deebot can just clean the floor. She is a man-made robot. The Holy Spirit is also good in cleaning. He likes to make me free from all garbage.

a household robot

Deebot speaks Chinese and can clean your floor.

Do you believe in the Holy Spirit?

If you want to grow in the love of God - and thus in the love of the Holy Spirit - you need to communicate with her or him. She can make you really clean. Suitable for the life now and for the life to come.

The Holy Spirit speaks you language. She knows you. She wants to care for you in ways Deebot can never do.

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