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Coat 10 Apr 2019


A coat protects me from the coldness. It also shields me from the rain. It protects me against raindrops. Today I am wondering if there are things that shield me from the rain of the Holy Spirit. I won't talk about sin.

a coat on a hanger

My coat protect me against coldness and rain.

Things that may shield me from the Holy Spirit.

  1. I do not take serious time for prayer.
  2. I do not trust the gifts of people around me.
  3. Lack of mission in my community and my life. Mission in love attracts the Holy Spirit.
  4. Lack of knowledge and training.
  5. Excuses and plain ignorance. I refuse to accept truths of God and I refuse to take ownership.

It is possible to take of my coat and shield. I ask God for courage. God waits for me.

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