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Bad Religion 15 Apr 2019

Road Signs

This morning when I cycled to my work I saw a strange road sign. From a distance it showed like the left hand side in the picture. In my mind it transformed to what you see in the right hand picture. The sign was at the other side of the road. It was unusual. So I slowed down. When I approached closer, I found out was an advertisement for a rock band named bad religion.

Somewhat Offended

I was somewhat offended to see the symbol of the cross abused. But the pictures remained in my thinking. I got the following thoughts.

two crosses

Road signs, I thought.

Interpretations of the cross

  1. Inflexible. If the cross only points where I can not go, that is not life. If my religion only offers forbidden ways then I am sick.
  2. Dead ending. If the cross only leads me to dead points, there is no life for me.

The true meaning of the cross

  1. The cross shows us that we should not take escape routes. No quick or half solutions. The cross is and end-point.
  2. The cross signifies that I really must die to my old self. Not tomorrow. Now. Actually it should have happened with my baptism.

And if I am unwilling: that is Bad Religion.

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