I.M. Mature 23 May 2021

When the time of breeding is fulfilled, the chick cracks the eggshell. Immediately the chick starts walking. Poor me. After nine months in my mothers womb, I arrived at earth totally dependent. Although I was very well able to disturb my parents with loud crying. And I am sure I made my parents happy and proud. My first performance.

Never Mature

After sixty five year of cracking all the hard eggshells of learning, I more and more enjoy the journey of endless experimentation and experiencing failures. It gave me a life of good memories. And I still enjoy new challenges.

The Helper

Halfway of my life I discovered a great helper. I made the choice to honor my heavenly Father. I began to invite Him to teach me. To teach me how to honor him who gave me the life. And God answered. I began to hear the voice of the helper named Holy Spirit. Since then the small voice of the Helper has continually assured me: "William, you are my beloved son." I know and I know that God loves my yet "immature" life. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. By times I am still a bit fearful. He is however my value and treasure. And I hope that I am willing to lay down my life for and because of Him. That means that I am willing to make myself available for service, even when it is costly. Love has a willingness to sacrifice.


Welcome, welcome, welcome, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Here I am. Teach me, instruct me, use me for your purpose.


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